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Every day, campers will be elbow-deep in fun experiments!
Goggles aren't just for the pool!

Our Atomz Lab summer camps are held at two locations this year!!:

Atomz Lab
 - Zimmer Business Park, 520 Zimm
er Road, Bldg 7
Indian Land, SC 29707


Charlotte Latin - 
9502 Providence Road
Charlotte, NC 28277

Please note:   There is a $5 fee for refunded tuition initiated by the parent to cover PayPal fees.


2018 Atomz Lab Summer Camps
at Atomz Lab

**(Please Note: A minimum of 10 campers is required to conduct class, otherwise a full refund will be given and the class will be cancelled)**

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For more information, please contact us at 704-651-8989 or atomzlab@gmail.com.


June 12 and 13, 2018; $85 Per Camper –
The Wonder of Space!  - 4-6 yrs: 9AM-12PM

June 18 to 22, 2018; $199 Per Camper–
Science Goes Pop (Culture)! 7-11 yrs: 1-4PM

June 26 to 28, 2018; $125 
Per Camper/Camp (Am (or) PM session) –

Under the Sea Discovery! - 4-6 yrs: 9AM-12PM
Marine Science! - 7-11 yrs: 1-4PM


July 9 to 13, 2018; $199 
Per Camper/Camp (Am (or) PM session) –

Into the Wild World..! - 5-10 yrs: 9AM-12PM
Slime and Ooze! - 5-10 yrs: 1pm-4PM

July 23 to 27, 2018; $249 Per Camper –
Oozing, Explosive Chemistry!  - 5-9 yrs: 12-4PM


August 6 & 7, 2018; $85 Per Camper –
Rockin' Robotics' I 
- 9+ yrs: 9AM-12PM

August 8 & 9, 2018
; $85 Per Camper –
Rockin' Robotics' II
  - 9+ yrs: 9AM-12PM

2018 Atomz Lab Summer Camps
at Charlotte Latin School

Register Here

For more information, please contact us at 704-651-8989 or atomzlab@gmail.com.


June 11-15, 2018; $189 week –

Slime and Ooze and Beakers, Oh My!  4-6 yrs: 9AM-12PM

Oozing, Explosive Chemistry!  7-11 yrs: 1-4PM


June 18-22, 2018; $189 week –

The Wonder of Space!  4-6 yrs: 9AM-12PM

Welcome to Hogwarts!  7-11 yrs: 1-4PM

June 25-29, 2018
; $189 week –

Into the Wild World of Nature! 4-6 yrs: 9AM-12PM

Outdoor Adventures! 7-11 yrs: 1-4PM


July 9-13, 2018; $189 week –

Under the Sea Discovery! 4-6 yrs: 9AM-12PM

Marine Science! 7-11 yrs: 1-4PM


July 16-20, 2018; $189 week –

Prehistoric Ages Come to Life! 4-6 yrs: 9AM-12PM

From Archaeological Finds to Current Times! 7-11 yrs: 1-4PM


July 23-27, 2018; $189 week –

Pirate, Fairy, Robot, it’s all Relative! 4-6 yrs: 9AM-12PM

Science Goes Pop (Culture)! 7-11 yrs: 1-4PM


2018 Atomz Lab Summer Camp Course Descriptions

From Archaeological Finds to Current Times! 

Ever find your child constantly digging or seeking out treasures? 

  • Give your kid the opportunity to examine real fossils under a microscope and see what artifacts they can find performing their own archaeological dig!
  • Uncover ancient bones and discover what ancient ruins tell us about our past.
  • Jump back in time as an Archaeologist and learn what it takes to become one. 
  • Learn the science behind Pompeii and build your own volcano to watch an explosive outcome.  

Into the Wild World of Nature! 

What, Where, Who, How?! What is a nocturnal animal? Where can you find something that helps your garden grow? Who can change their colors based on mood? How can you make a habitat?

  • Let your child find out about the wild side of science through hands on experiments.
  • They will have the opportunity to build their very own habitat and experience live animal encounters!
  • They’ll learn the answers to questions buzzing through their minds and much, much more! 

Marine Science! 

Why do sea jellies glow? What do summer flounder look like? What sea creatures can camouflage themselves? What did the beach say to the wave?

  • Sign your child up for this class and they’ll discover the answers along with exploring many more oceanic mysteries and amazements.
  • Your aquatic enthusiast will be provided the opportunity to be a part of investigating and dissecting an organism for analysis.
  • The class will additionally explore conservation of sea life and protecting one of Earths precious commodities!

Oozing, Explosive Chemistry! 

Pop! Bam! Eww! Yay! Just some of the noises your child will hear and make spending part of their summer conducting science experiments.

  • Your budding scientist will have an awesomely gross time designing, creating and testing oozing and slimy substances.
  • They’ll additionally have a blast taking to the air with safe and explosive elements.
  • The fun won’t stop there as they get to bring home all completed projects!

Outdoor Adventures! 

  • Build and launch experiments such as rockets, screaming balloons, surprising catapults and gigantic bubbles that will introduce your growing scientist to the exhilarating side of science.
  • Your child will be able to build their own models to learn about the power of flight through testing Bernoulli’s principle and Newton’s Third Law of Motion.
  • Adding to the adventures, we’ll include messy explosions and fun challenges along the way.

Pirate, Fairy, Robot, it’s all Relative!

Does your little person adore the thought of journeying the high seas with a patch on one eye? How about flying around sprinkling a bit of fairy dust here and there?

  • Joining us on a journey to an island of adventures will bring imagination and fun to a whole new level!
  • No matter what your child’s themed obsession, they’ll love the opportunity to discover science behind their favorite characters.
  • Whether it’s discovering how to escape quick sand, making treasure maps with secret messages or your own magical dust and robot to keep, along with much more this week will be jam packed.
  • All things memorable and thrilling are relative; it will be a class your child won’t want to miss!

Prehistoric Ages Come to Life! 

Roar along with us as we journey back in time before mankind roamed the Earth.  

  • Your child will love getting to venture out on an expedition to see what artifacts or fossils they can dig up.
  • They’ll get to learn intriguing facts about prehistoric animals to discover what traits they’d choose when transforming into a historical creature of their own making.
  • Finish out the week in an explosive way by making a volcano!

Rockin' Robotics' I 

Rockin' Robotics' II 

Science Goes Pop (Culture)! 

  • Minecraft, Star Wars, Finding Dory, Harry Potter…and much more!
  • Is it real or “movie magic”? Let your kid test their hypothesis with fun experiments. 
  • They’ll discover the science behind some of their favorite movies, video games and television shows!

Slime and Ooze and Beakers, Oh My! 

Ever wish there was a class where learning includes getting sticky, icky, gooey, slimy and oozy without having to clean up the mess?  Well here it is!!

  • Your little ones can go crazy with a variety of textures with these science discoveries of ooey, gooey, slimy and icky fun!
  • They’ll have a great time growing a passion for science and in making unforgettable experiments that can be taken home upon completion!

The Wonder of Space! 

Have a budding astronaut, astronomer or a child with infinity and beyond passion for space?! Don’t miss out on signing them up for an out of this world experience!

  • They’ll get to explore the universe and conduct experiments including gravitational pull and creating a space hurricane.
  • After getting to make their own telescope tube we will explore stars and constellations along with mythology and legends. 
  • All of the kids will enjoy creating their own night sky guide to take home and practice what they’ve learned during a summers evening.

Under the Sea Discovery! 

Watch out it’s a shark! Phew, that was close. Your child doesn’t have to be able to swim to enjoy discovering these underwater mysteries and adventures.

  • The kids will be overwhaled with excitement to learn more about some of their favorite aquatic friends. 
  • They’ll also be able to dive into science and learn through hands on experiments, such as making their very own coral reefs and sea jellies, which can be taken home once complete!

Welcome to Hogwarts! 

Jump through platform 9¾ and onto the Hogwarts Express to conduct these wizardly science experiments.

  • Create magical glowing, exploding and foaming potions that will excite and amaze.
  • Beware of Basilisk bubbles as you venture through a series of tasks while competing in a Triwizard Tournament.
  • Learn about Fantastic Beasts and where to find them along with some behind the scenes secrets that your Potter enthusiast will not want to miss!

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Questions? 704/651-8989 or atomzlab@gmail.com
We are located at Zimmer Business Park, 429 Zimmer Road, Building 7, Indian Land, SC

Right off of Rte 521 and New Town Road


"I just wanted to share with you how much fun my daughter had at your camp this week! She shared all the creative activities she participated in each day when I picked her up from camp, and she is already talking about possibly having a "science birthday" with you!"  Katie, Charlotte

"I want to take a moment to tell you thank you for your enthusiasm and love for science and taking it to a unbelievably fun level with kids. My son loves experimenting."  Amy, Charlotte

"Thank you for providing such a wonderful and enriching experience for my kids. They loved your classes!"  Dana, Charlotte

Wesley Chapel Volunteer Fire Department's Bob Maple shows students how oxygen is administered at our First Aid Workshop.
"Thank you so much for a FUN and informative week!  Our daughter had a blast and can't stop talking about all the "neat" stuff she has learned!   We appreciated your attention to detail and follow-up that you provided each evening, because it allowed us to start a conversation about what she learned!"  Natasha, Charlotte