Looking for exciting camps for your kids?

Head to Atomz Lab for some EXPLODING SCIENCE FUN.

Every day, campers will be elbow-deep in fun experiments!
Goggles aren't just for the pool!

Our camps are held at Atomz Lab

The Lab is located off Rte 521 only 8 minutes from the Ballantyne area!

10% discount for siblings in the same camp.
10% discount for second camp for same child.

Please note:   There is a $5 fee for refunded tuition initiated by the parent to cover PayPal fees.

From magnets to rockets to nature (and everything in between!), Atomz Lab enrichment programs captivate and stimulate the minds of every inquisitive child.
Your child will marvel at the cool demonstrations and engage in hands-on experiments.

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Amazing Adventures of Animals

  • If your child loves animals, they will love this camp! 

  • Meet live snakes, salamanders, and hissing cockroaches!

  • Lots of experiments and projects to explore conservation, habitats, and the coolest animals on the planet!

  • From games and crafts to nature explorations, your child will have a blast learning about our amazing world!

Crazy Chemistry

  • DANGER:  You may get a bit messy and have way too much fun!

  • If you can't wait to be elbow-deep in messy science experiments, put on your goggles and lab coat and let's get crazy (chemistry)! 

  • Design, create, and test oozing, slimy, awesomely gross substances that all kids adore, all to bring home.  

  • Prepare to blow up, blast off, and explode!  Who would HAVE thought chemistry would be so much fun!

Hogwarts Potions (I and II combined for description)

  • Hop aboard the Hogwarts Express for a magical good time!

  • Compete for the House cup with fun games, engaging activities, and of course, incredible potions!

  • Brew protection potions for a creepy field trip to the Forbidden Forest.

  • Learn the fiery art of dragon-keeping to join the elite ranks at a dragon sanctuary.

  • Help Fred and George get ready for the grand-opening of their joke shop!

  • Explore the world of Fantastic Beasts, with Pottermore’s new hero, Newt Scamander.

  • Exciting House Pride contests, unbelievable potions, and a look behind the scenes at Hogwarts’ secrets will delight students!

Junior Animal Lovers

  • If your young child loves animals, they will love this camp!

  • Live animal encounters including snakes, lizards and insects.

  • Explore the great diversity of animals and their homes.  We will make our own animal and its habitat!

  • This camp includes a lot of experiments, crafts and games to keep your little one engaged and excited!

Marine Biology

  • Dive right into the cool science of sea creature adaptations: glowing sea jellies, endangered manatees, camouflaged octopi, and whales!

  • Make your own submarine diver, coral reef, and tsunami! 

  • Explore under the warm waters of a coral reef!  Discover how to protect these important ocean habitats and all the cool creatures that live there (including Nemo and Dori).

  • Practice ways to reduce the amount of plastic floating in our oceans and investigate the best way to clean up an oil spill.  

Physics and Engineering

  • Check out and design enormous sling shots, the coolest roller coaster tracks, and wild vortexes!

  • Design and create in a fun environment of learning!

Reptile Rumble

  • Scales and tails to delight budding biologists!

  • Very hands-on with some truly amazing live critters!

Rockin’ Robotics I

  • Build your own creative robots using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® bricks and computer software; compete against other teams to complete tasks with your robot!

Rockin’ Robotics II

  • For experienced users only, please.  Different projects than Robotics I.

  • Build your own creative robots using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® bricks and computer software; compete against other teams to complete tasks with your robot!

Science Goes Pop (Culture!)

  • Minecraft, Star Wars, Finding Dory, Harry Potter...and much more! 

  • Experience the science behind some of your favorite movies, video games, and television shows! 

  • Is it real or "movie magic"...test your hypotheses with fun experiments!

  • Goggles, Science, Action!

Step Back in Time

  • Check out dinosaur teeth and coprolite (poop!), uncover ancient bones, and much, much more!

  • Examine real fossils under the microscope and get busy collecting artifacts from our fossil dig.

  • Investigate the immense power of nature by making your own volcano, geyser, and tornado.

  • Inspect some of the coolest gems and minerals on our planet!  

  • This camp totally ROCKS!

Wanted:  Secret Agents
Looking for budding secret agents to:

  • Learn how to conceal identity, blend in, and conduct an investigation.

  • Master fingerprint, footprint, and hair sample analyses, graphology, and ultra-violet light.

  • Hone senses to improve observation skills and memory. 

  • Use cryptology to create and crack coded messages and even send smoke signals!

  • Practice reading body language and questioning suspects. 

  • Girl Scouts can fulfill their Detective or Secret Agent Badge requirements.


For more information, please contact us at 704-651-8989 or atomzlab@gmail.com.

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Questions? 704/651-8989 or atomzlab@gmail.com
We are located at Zimmer Business Park, 429 Zimmer Road, Building 7, Indian Land, SC

Right off of Rte 521 and New Town Road


"I just wanted to share with you how much fun my daughter had at your camp this week! She shared all the creative activities she participated in each day when I picked her up from camp, and she is already talking about possibly having a "science birthday" with you!"  Katie, Charlotte

"I want to take a moment to tell you thank you for your enthusiasm and love for science and taking it to a unbelievably fun level with kids. My son loves experimenting."  Amy, Charlotte

"Thank you for providing such a wonderful and enriching experience for my kids. They loved your classes!"  Dana, Charlotte

Wesley Chapel Volunteer Fire Department's Bob Maple shows students how oxygen is administered at our First Aid Workshop.
"Thank you so much for a FUN and informative week!  Our daughter had a blast and can't stop talking about all the "neat" stuff she has learned!   We appreciated your attention to detail and follow-up that you provided each evening, because it allowed us to start a conversation about what she learned!"  Natasha, Charlotte