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Imagine a group of preschoolers, all sitting quietly in their classroom, crisscross applesauce. Their bright eyes stare with wonder and anticipation, all focused on one object in the center of the room. No one makes a sound, not even a peep until…


And with the frothy, bubbling explosion before them, emerging scientists are born!!

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Bring the excitement and awe of science to your school with our preschool enrichment classes. Students will marvel at the countless scientific demonstrations, and will delight in the ability to perform fun experiments themselves!

Our pre-school enrichment classes introduce children to a new science topic each month. From chemistry to magnets to animals, our classes captivate and stimulate the minds of every inquisitive young child – bringing out the natural scientist that lies within, and encouraging a lifetime love for the field of scientific knowledge.

In addition to a different age-appropriate experiment during each 30-40 minute session, children will sing songs and play games to enhance what they have learned.

Preschool enrichment participants receive on-site science instruction that includes:

  • Captivating demonstrations
  • Extraordinary hands-on experiments
  • A new science topic each month
  • A different experiment each session to support the science topic of the month
  • Songs and games to reinforce learning
  • Take home projects when appropriate
  • E-mail to parents, when applicable, explaining our experiment and how to recreate it at home

Scheduling - Preschool enrichment classes take place at your school, according to your schedule, so they are extremely convenient.

Materials - All materials and supplies are provided, along with lab aprons and safety glasses for the children to use during the class. And there is no mess to clean-up, since we take care of all of that for you!

Pricing - Please contact us for pricing. To learn more, or to book a preschool enrichment program TODAY, please visit our contact us page.

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"Atomz Lab is a wonderful way to get your kids interested in science at an early age. It is guaranteed fun for your little ones. If you want something new and different for your kids, I highly recommend Atomz Lab"!Stacy – The Sunshine House, Charlotte

"I can't say enough about Atomz Lab. My daughter looks forward to Fridays because it's Science Day! She has learned so much and has had fun doing so. The instructor has great energy and really engages the children. I am so glad my daughter is a part of Atomz Lab"! Catherine – Kids R Kids, Kindergarten Teacher

"My daughter loves learning new things with Atomz lab. She is always excited to show me her projects and wants to recreate them every time. I definitely recommend Atomz Lab"! Leah – Kids R Kids, Blakeney

"My son LOVES Atomz Lab. He is learning a ton about science and often comes home eager to teach his family the new facts he learns. The instructor makes it fun for the kids and he always looks forward to the next experiment!" Meda – Kids R Kids, Blakeney

"My 3 year old daughter absolutely loves Atomz Lab. I love to hear her tell me about what she's learned in class and when she says things like, "Mommy, I made a chemical change!" Shana – The Sunshine House, Rock Hill