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Atomz Lab offers unforgettable field trips...
you choose the intriguing science topic,
and we'll provide engaging, super fun workshops!

Field trips are perfect for teachers looking to add a hands-on scientific session to their curriculum.  Your students (and the teachers) will love it!

Our field trips are approximately 60 minutes in length (let us know if you need a longer session).  Preschool to 5th grade.

60 minute Field Trips - $300 for the first 20 students 
$8 for each additional student thereafter.
$40 travel fee over 30 minutes
Additional $50 surcharge per group.

STEM Field Trip Themes:

(fully customizable, based on age or your curriculum)

Under the Sea Discovery!

Have you ever wished you could spend your days under the sea, swimming with the fish and the whales...or actually being a fish or a whale? Then dive into the amazing science of Marine Biology with Atomz Lab!  There's a lot to learn about ocean creatures. So let's enjoy discovering underwater mysteries and adventures together!

Wonders of Space

5-4-3-2-1.........BLAST OFF!
Climb aboard for a trip with Atomz Lab and explore the amazing Solar System.  Students will learn about the planets in the Solar System; discover that Venus is the hottest planet and has volcanic lava plains.  Then everyone gets to make Lava (slime) to take home.  Launch Rocket Balloons and more!  This is one trip you won't want to miss!



Prehistoric Ages Come to Life!

Roar along with us as we journey back in time before mankind roamed the Earth.  
Your students will love hands-on exploration of our awesome fossils, including coprolite...dino poop!  Super fun, grade-specific activities bring the Mesozoic Era to life.  Students make their own fossil to take home.

Get Moving!

Explore forces and motion through hands-on experimentation.  Test Newton's Laws of Motion, experience centripetal force, acceleration, and much more!  Physics is FUN with Atomz Lab!

Oozing, Explosive Chemistry

Following some jaw-dropping demonstrations, students will create their own radioactive-green, gooey slime in this "chemist for a day" session. All slime ingredients are safe household products, but the results look utterly toxic!  

Secret Agents Wanted!

Step into the shadow world of codes, forensics, and sleuthing!  Learn some of the super cool skills and science needed to be a secret agent. Each student takes home a fun project.  Appropriate for elementary school-aged students.


Turn on the black lights and let's get our GLOW on!  Invisible ink, phosphorescent and fluorescent projects make this a HUGE hit with students.  Two awesome, glow-in-the-dark experiments to take home! (At the Lab only.)


In this interactive workshop, students will make their experiments blow open, hit the ceiling, zoom around the room, and make a fun mess.  Students learn about the awesome power of pressure, gas and absorption while having loads of fun!

Volcanoes & Geysers, Oh My!

Kids LOVE anything that explodes, and volcanoes and geysers capture their imagination while teaching very cool science.  Students take home their lava lamp experiment that they can use over and over again!

It's Electric!

Students will have a hair-raising good time learning about electricity!  Plasma, energy, and our super static generator make this an "I'll never forget it!" workshop.  Have your cameras ready!


They can be giant, bouncing, snake-like, colorful, challenging, and all around fun to experiment with…you’ll never think the same about bubbles again.  Surface tension experiments have never been this fun!

Ooze the Matter?

Discover the SLIMY and GOOEY side of science by diving into non-Newtonian substances!  Students will be elbow deep in ooze and loving every minute of it. All students take home an ooey experiment.

Dive into the Coral Reef

Learn how marine animals and habitats, like the Great Barrier Reef, are affected by pollution and oil spills!  Students will pratice ways to reduce harm to our oceans, learn about some truly unique sea creatures, and make a jiggly sea jelly to take home.

It's Camo Time

Color me awesome and learn how some animals use camouflage and pigment changes to hide, lie in wait, and show their moods!  Experiment with several amazing color changes, and take home a project.  Have you seen my chameleon anywhere?!

Scheduling - Call us today at 704/651-8989 to check dates!  

Materials - All field trip materials and supplies are provided. There is no mess to clean-up, since we take care of all of that for you!

To learn more, or to book a field trip or playgroup session, please visit our contact us page or call 704/651-8989.

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"I just wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for all of the hard work (patience) and time spent with our Campers this past week! The kids loved all the experiments on Tuesday and Thursday. Lori and Val did a phenomenal job! Can’t wait to have you back!" Samantha, Ballantyne Country Club

"Dawn, I'm passionate about the hearts of all children. It's important to me that they are given opportunities to become who they are purposed to be in life. Thank you for being a vessel used to pour so much love and education into our children. Thank you for pouring out your heart. I could feel every beat. Love you lots!"
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